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Godzilla’s Tree Service is an insured, family owned company that has been servicing the Sacramento area for over 27 years. We take pride in our company and our work. Tree services can become dangerous if left in the wrong hands. It is always a good idea to let a professional handle any tree removal or pruning services. Godzilla’s Tree Service handles all tree services. We offer Tree Consultation by a certified arborist as well.

Tree Removal

Wildfires are a regular occurrence in California. Droughts and winds can cause even the smallest fire to develop into a major wildfire. Godzilla’s Tree Service calls Sacramento, CA home and we want to ensure it stays safe from wildfires. Our team of expert tree mastication specialist provides emergency tree masticating for your property. If there are wildfires in the area, our team will come out and perform tree mastication for overcrowded areas to reduce the amount of fuel for the fires. Through mastication and land clearing, we can help save your property. If you have a fear of wildfires on your property, give us a call. Our team is licensed and insured to perform tree mastication correctly and to adhere to the laws and regulations that are in place for Sacramento.

Tree Inspecting, Pruning, and Weight Reduction

All trees and large bushes should be pruned at least yearly. Godzilla’s Tree Service specializes in tree pruning and weight reduction. We know the differences between a healthy tree and a tree that needs to be removed. We also know how to prune them the way the type of tree was meant to look. We can turn your overgrown trees into a beautiful landscape all while protecting your home, property, and trees.

Stump Grinding and Land Clearing

Land clearing is a huge job that requires the work of a professional. Godzilla’s Tree Service will come out and clear your land and remove all stumps and other debris, leaving your property looking great. A stump is a nuisance that is really hard to get rid of. Many will say to burn it or try to dig it up. It is a lot more logical to grind the stump down and remove the roots so it cannot grow anymore. Burning can take a long time and can be messy. Grinding is a simple process that will get rid of the unsightly stump for good.

Mechanical mastication of shrubs and small trees has become a popular method of fuel management to “chew” through brush and timber in order to clear fire lines in advance of a wildfire or to clear large areas covered in brush and shrubs.

Emergency Tree Services

Godzilla’s Tree Service offers emergency tree services to the Sacramento area and beyond. If you have a tree that needs to be topped off and completely removed give us a call. Storms in the Sacramento area can wreak havoc on trees. If a tree falls on your home or property, we will be out fast. The faster the tree is gone the less damage you will have.

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