24 Hours Eemergency Tree Services

Godzilla’s Tree Service has been in the tree servicing business for over 27 years. We know how important an emergency service is when you are in need. We offer our Sacramento area residents 24 hour emergency tree services. If you are in need of emergency service give us a call today at 530-626-9318. We promise to be out fast to assess the damage and start working on recovering your home and property. Never go outside to inspect a downed tree. Trees can shift and become dangerous. Always call a professional and let them deal with a downed tree.

Storm Damage

Sacramento Storms can be scary and even more so if you have a downed tree. Trees can hit electrical lines as well as fences and homes. It is never smart to go outside and inspect the area. Give us a call first. We will arrive quickly and inspect the area to ensure that it is safe for you and your family. We will then safely remove the tree without it causing any more damage than it already has.

Wildfires and Earthquakes

Wildfires are a regular occurrence in California. Droughts and winds can cause even the smallest fire to develop into a major wildfire. Godzilla’s Tree Service calls Sacramento, CA home and we want to ensure it stays safe from wildfires. Our team of expert tree mastication specialist provides emergency tree masticating for your property. If there are wildfires in the area, our team will come out and perform tree mastication for overcrowded areas to reduce the amount of fuel for the fires. Through mastication and land clearing, we can help save your property. If you have a fear of wildfires on your property, give us a call. Our team is licensed and insured to perform tree mastication correctly and to adhere to the laws and regulations that are in place for Sacramento..

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